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wllw_11_1_14_w_12Here are a few outfit photos from posts that I uploaded recently at my new domain wllwproject.com . That site will host all of my personal blogging activities so please head over and bookmark it! If you like regular fashion updates and random/interesting photos, remember to add wllwproject on your instagram.

Have a great weekend folks!


Wear Your Swimsuits Out

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 12.35.24 amImages via My Chameleon

It’s very much beach season now in the Southern hemisphere (you may also want to refer to this post!) and one piece swimsuits are still as in trend as ever. I’ve always been fond of the idea of mix and match to exercise creativity and get a higher return for my bucks. Since good quality and well cut swimsuits don’t come cheap for you beach babes out there, you might wanna consider wearing them at any chance you get. By that I mean treating your one-piece as a bodysuit and strutting in it with confidence!

I’ve come up with a couple of pairing ideas with beautiful items found at My Chameleon. I imagine anyone wearing the top row to a dinner party would garner a few stares of admiration. The bottom row which is a whole lot more casual may be considered for a weekday errand. There are a few reasons why I chose these black swimsuits as opposed to others.

#1. The cut-outs are interesting and look rather classy

#2. It’s much easier to ‘hide’ the fact that you’re wearing a swimsuit

#3. If you’re keen on giving the one-piece style a go again (after years of forgetting its existence), investing in a modern black one seems like a sensible and wise option

Have an awesome day people and I hope this post hasn’t reminded you that it’s Monday and it’s not exactly beach day (oops.)


Move It, Baby!


wllw02Sydney’s weather is rather peculiar. It’s not on par with Melbourne’s ‘4 seasons in a day’ weather but it’s still quite capable of displaying mood swings.

We’ve had quite a few episodes of gusty wind recently and while they don’t actually do your hair any justice, I really like utilising the movement of air to show off the way my outfits look under different conditions. The ripples that lightweight materials make are really pretty don’t you think?

This one shoulder dress from Miss Selfridge is one of the more versatile dresses in my wardrobe. I had worn it to a wedding with heels and a clutch, and to a farmer’s market recently with flats and a cross body bag. This dress made me feel extra beautiful because of the way it sit on my body and I don’t think this feeling should only be reserved for formal occasions. In fact, we have the right to feel beautiful every single day because this is how we were made in the first place. Instead of relying on people to affirm us, why don’t we affirm ourselves with this truth?

Try this: Next time when windy conditions are forecasted, wear your most flow-y dress, whip out your camera and go crazy outdoors! Dance, twirl, jump or do whatever you like… you might be amazed (and amused) with the images, and it’s good to let the extra energy out sometimes.

What say you?

Talk soon.


Photography| Mr M

Outfit details: Dress Miss Selfridge Sandals ASOS Bag Charles & Keith Belt Country Road Sunnies Barton Pereira Rings Mazel, Via Alley

A Little More Grown Up



Journalling my fashion journey and aesthetic preferences on this blog have been really awesome. I think having a clear visual record is extremely helpful when analysing how my personal style has evolved over time. Looking back at the photos, I would have to admit that I have a large collection of ZARA and asos in my wardrobe. I’m not ashamed of them at all but appreciate the style and confidence that each piece had granted me. However, I also know that something is lacking. The feeling of authenticity is missing in most occasions.

I may be experiencing what I called the ‘grown up’ syndrome now. Many people seem to experience some kind of revelation with regard to their shopping habits at some point. The urge of investing in great original work has surpasses the momentary joy that an economical, (semi) copy cat piece may bring. I finally came to realise that purchasing an authentic design is a lot more than owning the product itself. It’s also about celebrating the story, courage and sweat behind it all and acknowledging creativity in the most encouraging way.

The matching set above was purchased from an independent label at Chatuchak markets in Bangkok a couple of months ago. I was attracted to the ‘wrap shorts’ first and foremost because they’re different (and cool). Most of all, I really liked the minimalist style and the slightly stiff structure and was already visualising the many pairing ideas in my head.

The point of this post is not about ditching high street brands because that is almost impossible in this day and age. Rather it’s about opening our hearts to brands that may not be as well-known or conventional and really giving them a chance to shine. After all, we’ll never know what our tiny bit of support may amount to by the end of the day.

Give me a high 5 if you agree.


Photography| Mr M

The Underwear

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 11.55.01 amImages via Journelle

I never thought that I would ever write a post about underwear!

To many, it’s publicly inappropriate to discuss about those itty bitty pieces of fabric. To me, I could deal with the general discomfort associated with this subject as long as I’m talking to girls! In all honesty though, I think underwear is probably the most underrated item in our wardrobe although all most of us have it on every single day.

Have you ever avoided buying tops that are relatively sheer because you don’t know what to wear underneath? I’ve been there before but I realised that this worry shouldn’t hold me back in any way. Unlike the olden days, beautiful bras and bralettes are easily accessible now. Having a few good quality black, white or nude ones would save you from lots of inner struggles when you see that gorgeous sheer top that you like in your next shopping trip!

In order to keep things classy, opt for lacy or edgy pieces with interesting cutouts and wear them underneath tops of the same colour. It is not recommended to experiment with colour clashing in this instance unless someone could convince me otherwise.

Does anyone have any other tips or recommendations?

Till next time!


wllwproject Discovers {Brand}| Mansur Gavriel

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.01.22 pmI’ve always thought that ‘bucket list’ is a very grim way of saying what we want materially and experientially. I’m quite happy to stick with ‘wish list’ instead because it sounds a lot more hopeful. After all, positivity helps.

When I saw these bucket bags on lifestyle blog Miss Moss, I was absolutely drawn by their shiny leather and clean lines. I have a soft spot for bucket bags and these Mansur Gavriel ones look like high quality, stylish and practical pieces to invest in. Initially I thought Mansur Gavriel was the brainchild of a mysterious Middle Eastern man. It was only later on when I found out that the brand was conceived by 2 beautiful ladies, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel who share the same passion for quality leather goods. The best bit is that brightly coloured interior coating is also available to make these bags pop!

The bucket design is great for everyday wear with jeans and short dresses because its shape is rather casual and unrestrictive. As great bucket bags are not easily found, I can say with absolute confidence that you’ll stand out with one of these babies slung over your shoulder everywhere you go.

Ah, don’t you just love a great product? I know I do.

Have an awesome weekend people!


Images via Mansur Gavriel

I’m a newbie at Polyvore (I’m a late bloomer) so head over there to follow my experimentations!

wllwproject Discovers {Wedding}| Laure de Sargazan

I spent most of the first day of 2014 recovering from the late night incurred on the day before. Whilst nursing a fairly heavy head, I wanted to be a little productive with my time so I researched on wedding gowns. There is a myriad of gorgeous gowns out there and it really made me wonder whether I have the ability to choose the one and be happy with it. I also don’t have a huge dress budget at my disposal so that makes things a lot simpler or harder (depending on how you look at it). I’ve read many times that when a bride-to-be encounters the one, her gut would instantly recognise it. I pray that it is as simple for me.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 5.30.09 pmImages via Laure de Sargazan

I’m currently finding a lot of inspiration from French Brides. They exude such an admirable nonchalance. None of that bridezilla nonsense but a sense of self control and an act of class. It doesn’t matter that her hair is messy or her makeup is a little too natural because the big day is just like any other day.

This collection named deux mille quatorze by Laure de Sargazan encompasses all the elements I love for an outdoor wedding dress. Lace, light creamy fabrics and loose silhouettes, being a bride has never seemed this easy.


wllwproject| A Year That Was


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Can you believe that 2013 is going to wrap up in a matter of hours?

Boy, what a year it has been. I looked back at my previous posts and wondered how on earth did I manage to come up with 70+ personal outfit posts?! That’s mind boggling.

Taking the courage to start wllwproject is probably one of the boldest things I had done for myself this year. I was put off by the idea of blogging initially because the thought of being in front of the camera made me shiver. I mean, what if all my photos turn out to be hideous? I think that’s a pretty legitimate concern as we’re talking about a blog that revolves around aesthetics and appearances. Neither am I a model or a writer so I had all kinds of doubts regarding my ability to draw traffic to this site. However, I had also reached a point where I was yearning to test out the creative cells in me. Coming from a conservative background where success is defined by professional titles, number of degrees, and the size of your dough (give me a shoutout fellow Asians! Oops I’m stereotyping), I felt like I’ve always missed out on the fun side so it was only natural for me to want to fill in those gaps.

Looking back, I had gone through many different phases with wllwproject. I was that lunatic whose identity was defined by the number of views and likes each day; that enthusiastic new kid who spent hours commenting on other people’s posts in the hope of getting a few back in return; that frantic girlfriend who wanted to take outfit pictures every weekend for the sake of having blogging materials; the unaccomplished writer who experienced writer’s block week in week out; and last but not least that (sometimes) unmotivated blogger wannabe who wondered about the purpose of blog. Though awkward, I’m so thankful for these phases because I’ve kinda found a mid point that I’m comfortable in, after 51 weeks.  I feel a lot more settled about this blogging thing and I’ve stopped allowing myself to be pressured by ‘assumed’ expectations. After all I’m not a celebrity of any sort and there’s enough going on each day.

If you follow this blog regularly, you would have realised how fundamental Mr M is to wllwproject. Besides having to endure silly faces during photoshoots, he has taught me how to look at things from a broader angle. I (don’t) love the way he challenged my thinking by asking me difficult questions but I also appreciated the benefits of growing pains. Most of all, he’s helped me to recognised how much I could actually do through wllwproject to make a difference instead of making it a purely self-indulgent tool.

Where do I wanna see wllwproject in 2014? It would be somewhat awesome if this blog could reach a wider audience and inspire collaborations. It would also be nice if this blog could start influencing people in amazing and unexpected ways.

Last but not least, thank you family and friends for your love and encouragement! And to you lovely readers, thank you for dropping by!

See you in 2014!


ps. These are my top 5 posts of the year based on their reception:

#1 Saying Yes I Will (my favo too!)

#2 Wear the Clothes You Have (wise words from Garance Dore)

#3 Sweet Simplicity (I couldn’t resist dresses with low backs!)

#4 About (This is to satisfy the curious minds ;P)

#5 A Skort Story (The Zara skort strikes again!)

wllwproject Discovers {Brand}| Sophie Bille Brahe

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 6.43.50 pm


Images via Sophie Bille BraheNet-A-Porter & Stylebop

Pearls, they make you think of the older generation don’t they?

Some people are very pearl averse. I never saw myself as one of them and I think it’s because my mom has a really beautiful collection of funkily designed classic and baroque pearls. I have definitely seen how gloriously versatile they are.

I was going through honestlywtf the other day, immersing myself in visual heaven as per usual and when I encountered the post dedicated to Sophie Bille Brahe, I just couldn’t peel my eyes away from the screen. The Danish designer has utilised this seemingly under appreciated gem in the best possible ways. Edgy and modern, pearls have never looked this ‘young’.

Sophie Bille Brahe, you’ve nailed it. Big time.


ps. Please go to wllwproject’s polyvore for direct links to the items.


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