Christmas Colours

Christmas is done and dusted but the holiday vibes continue to linger on… For most people, the party continues into the new year and that is how I feel right now.

In contrary to what we expected, Christmas day was wet and windy. Fortunately that hasn’t dampen our spirits! It was nice to start off the day with some carolling, and also a snippet that resembled Bill Cosby’s ‘Kids say the darndest things’ when a bunch of munchkins showed off their gifts on stage in church. Ah my heart! And how could I not mention about a mini reunion with a high school friend from Malaysia whom I haven’t seen for a while? What a precious moment especially as we lead such different lives now and are based in different continents.

wllw01 copy



We stopped by at one of the more arty office buildings in the city to snap a few outfit photos. The complete mismatched in colours hasn’t deterred us. Instead the clash made me feel somewhat liberal. It’s ok to relax sometimes and forego perfection.

Mr M and I spent the rest of the day eating homemade food and lazing on the couch. Just our kind of day. Bliss.

How was Christmas for you?


Photography| Mr M

Counting My Blessings





1 day to Christmas day and I’m inspired to write about 3 things that I’m thankful for this year. I know that thanksgiving day is over (this day isn’t technically celebrated in Aussieland) but I figure that being thankful shouldn’t be restricted to just that one day a year but an everyday affair. I know things can be less than ideal sometimes or most of the times. However if we could just take a moment to focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have, life would be a lot more enjoyable, I promise.

#1 } Mr M

I’m not going to get all mushy but this year our relationship has taken a significant turn. We are engaged! Mr M is one of my biggest rocks and I’m so thankful that he believed in me even at times when I doubted myself.

#2} Family and friends

They make me feel so loved. Being with them just bring tremendous joy to my heart. Of course there’s always going to be some unwanted friction once in a while but I’m thankful for grace and reconciliation after all the hurtful words and dirty looks!

#3} The opportunity to pursue my passion

I started this blog earlier this year as an avenue to pursue my interest in fashion. Just like relationships, I experienced ups and downs with wllwproject but I’m glad I didn’t allow myself to give up. Instead it’s given me clarity on where fashion lies in my heart the more I pursue it. An exciting project is currently brewing in the background and I cannot wait to share it with you in the near future!

What are the top 3 things that filled you with gratitude this year?

Merry Christmas beautiful!


Photography| Mr M

ps. I lost the hat above to the gust of wind at Bronte that day ūüė¶ It’s been my go to hat for a lot of outfits so I’m sad! I guess I have an excuse now to buy a new one.

This Christmas…

crowsnest 1

Dress| Warehouse (also worn here)  Hat| Agent 99  Belt| Country Road

Christmas is a couple of days away and holiday vibes have truly kicked in. A lot of people are frantically doing last minute gift shopping; some have already started prepping for one of the biggest feasts of the year. Whilst it’s fun to immerse ourselves in traditions and formalities, let us also remember what Christmas is really all about.

Mr M and I have made a pact to reflect on our lives thus far and verbalising what we want to see happening in the upcoming year. It’s a little bit like getting a school report card in that we’re able to see how much we’ve grown as an individual and also set some goals to take us to where we hope to be. I cannot tell you how excited I am about the new year.

What are you doing this Christmas?


Photography| Mr M

Let’s Get Beachy!

It’s going to be a scorcher today and that could only mean one thing in Australia,¬†BEACH TIME!

ss2My Ideal Beach Outing

Being an Asian who grew up in Malaysia, the last thing that I would do was to hit the sun. A lot of people there have the perception that fairer skin tones are more beautiful so naturally I held that view too (not anymore). If you’re ever in Asia, you would probably see ladies holding their bralies desperately shielding their pretty faces from the sun. This is a rare sight in Australia. So rare that I was hurled abuse by a guy who drove past when I did that just after I arrived in Sydney. I was taken aback, I mean what was wrong with protecting my skin from the harsh UV rays? And then I realised that Aussies love their sun,sea and sand and would run to them in the name of tanned olive skin.

Such different definitions of beauty.

Years have passed and I’ve become accustomed to the ‘beachy idea’ [ok not punny (oops I did it again)]. A little bit of sun is good as long as slip slop and slap are involved. Plus I see it as an excuse to legitimately look¬†a bit a lot sexier than usual, if you like.

Who’s heading to the beach today?


wllwproject Covets| Modern Minimalism

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 3.28.21 pm

Photos via The Northern Light

Scandinavians just have a natural flair for minimalist dressing.  They are so good at utilising simple lines and neutral colours to create effortless and ultra versatile looks.

Hedvig Opshaug of The Northern Light¬†has definitely made it to the top of my list when it comes to modern minimalism. I just love a woman who isn’t afraid of loose silhouettes and flat shoes! Plus, who could fault someone who never seemed to have a bad hair day?


Overcoming Blog Reader’s Dilemma


Top| Bangkok Maxi| asos (split altered hem shortened) Shoes| Mosstories Hat| H&M Bag| asos

I can’t really remember the good ol’ days when blogs did not exist.

For a long while now my free time was consumed with catching up on my long¬†list of blogs, so much so that it has become a chore rather than an enjoyable pastime. I know it sounds silly but I often felt rather pressurised by the never ending posts that feed directly into my reader. I have a fear of missing out so I tend to go through¬†most¬†of my posts. That action in itself spells ‘trouble‘.

I think I must have suffered what I called a ‘burnt out’ in the last couple of months. My blogging frequency was minimal, so was my blog surfing effort. I just didn’t feel like looking at beautiful online content or discovering anything new. My motivation in this part of my life hit rock bottom.

With every low comes a revelation. A few days ago I picked up Mr iPad and started clearing some backlogs again. I started reading the posts (by¬†Capture the Castle¬†to be exact), word by word, slowly and patiently and it dawned on me that¬†this¬†is why I started reading blogs in the first place. Both¬†photos and texts of good quality blogs are meant to be savoured instead of skimmed through. I’ve been so focussed on satisfying my visual cravings without putting the purpose of each post into context. That was probably why I became sick and tired.

I don’t have any concrete solution yet on how I’m going to¬†read¬†everything on my Feedly. I’m not even going to attempt that. For now I shall just be selective. After all, there’s plenty of information that I don’t need in my life, honestly.

Have you had the same experience? Feel free to comment below.


Photography| Mr M

wllwproject’s Extravagant Christmas Wishlist


{Go to my Polyvore for links to these items}

Tis the season to be jolly!

What better time to flash a wishlist? To be honest, I don’t think I had ever put together a list like that before because I never saw a need for it. Of course there’s a tonne of beautiful/cool things that I wish to get my hands on but I’ve conditioned myself enough to not excessively pin over my wants¬†(most of the time).

Polyvore has made things very difficult for me this year, as you can see. I would say a big chunk on this list is pretty extravagant for X’mas. I blame it on the www for making these pictures so easily accessible.

1. 2014 diary: I’m very much an old-fashioned girl who likes to jot things down with a real pen

2. Magimix food processor: Jamie’s 15 minute meals. ‘Nuff said.

3. Red Valentino Rockstud Flats: These bad boys look awesome and are ultra versatile

4. Diptyque candles: Perfect for lazy days in

5. Celfie T by Sincerely Jules: Makes me laugh!

6. Dainty jewelleries by Mirlo: Discovered this brand on Ann Kim’s¬†wrist and I’m in love!

7. Garden in a bag: I’m want to start planting my own herbs since I use so much of them when I cook

8. WISDOM: I’ll take this over ALL the other things here

9. Macbook Pro: I’m going to get this even if I have to get it for myself! My HP has pretty much reached the end

10. Marie Turner Picnic Bag: I don’t¬†need¬†it. I want it because I know that it would elevate my outfits

11. Twine: I’m addicted to using twine for gift wrapping

12. Wooden Monkey by Kay Bojesen: Keen on getting my Vedel bird a new friend

13. Benah Tara Chain Bag: One can never have too many sling bags

14. Elle Australia subscription: I’m really impressed with the first few issues thus far

Phew. I’m done. Mr M questioned about my wishlist today because it has grown from 8-14 overnight. Heh.

I know it’s impossible but what is the one thing that you would like to receive most for X’mas this year?


Looking Beyond Mainstream Fashion

I’ve always wondered what actually goes on in a fashion designer’s head. Whenever I encountered clever and/or aesthetically pleasing designs, my heart would fill with awe and admiration. Although part of me wished that I was the mastermind behind those designs, the other part of me felt extremely thankful. Thankful because I had easy access to someone’s creativity.

As much as I love my high street brands (and the prices that go with them), I’ve slowly begun to really appreciate the works of independent designers. I’m finding a lot of joy in discovering emerging designers and the beautiful works that they put together. Just like many industries that are over-saturated with talents, I believe that the world of fashion design isn’t as glamorous as it portrays itself to be. There’s a big bunch of amazing designers that are yearning to be heard on the world stage, and the only way for them to get there is via trust and grace. This is why I love e-commerce websites that actually understand this concept and are willing to market brands that they believe in.


wllw 1


wllw 2

Hectorr is an independent Thai fashion label that I came across recently and I admire them for their minimalist yet edgy style. I had the pleasure to meet the brand’s designer Nantiya Saengchiwit on my recent trip to Bangkok and I have to say that the petite beauty has plenty of talent to show! If you’ve been to Bangkok, you would realise that many of their local brands favour frills and ultra girly touches so Hectorr was one of the few that stood out to me in a refreshing way.

This black and white crepe top was worn separately from its other half (a pair of wide legged pants) simply because I wanted to test out its versatility. Personally I like its rather boxy structure and I could see myself pairing it with a number of things in my wardrobe. Also, I love those 2 black pockets! I mean, who doesn’t like pockets?

What are some of the emerging/non mainstream labels that you’re really digging at the moment? I’d love to know.


Photography| Mr M

Shoe Conundrum| Outdoor Wedding Party

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 8.39.05 pm


(Click on the image above to find out information on each of those beauties)

A couple of weeks ago, Mr M, and I drove to the Blue Mountains (a region where the 3 sisters reside) for a wonderful country side wedding. The weather didn’t quite hold up before the ceremony so as a result we went on a mud fight¬†had to work ourselves around muddy patches. Now that wasn’t a big deal for the boys because they’re born to be scruffy but for us girls in 5 inch stiletto heels, it was. As much as I thought those nude pumps that I wore were a good idea¬†then, they made me much less graceful than I hoped to be. Not only did I have to pull myself out of the mud, I had to make sure that those dainty stilts didn’t get caught in between of wooden planks. I felt a little bit like dumbo the elephant when I made my way downhill because I was so conscious about the possibility of toppling forward due to uneven weight distribution.

I thought you know what, since the topic of wedding is probably not going to leave my mouth till after Sept, why don’t I utilise some of my experiences and observations as a wedding guest and bridesmaid to solve some potential wedding conundrums? Besides it also presents opportunities for me to play with Polyvore. Believe it or not, the collage right in front of you is my very first one (woohoo!) and there’s a tonne of room for improvement.

So if you asked me again about the kinds of shoes that I would wear to an outdoor wedding, my answer would be go chunky or flat! They would save you from acting like a silly barbie! Bigger or fatter heels are just so much easier to navigate in and if they are in a comfortable height, you would most likely just cruise past the day, and perhaps even have the headspace to maintain a great conversation with that cute guest because all your energy isn’t focused on how uncomfortable you feel. Now if you’re open to flat shoes, there are so many beautiful ones to choose from! Those red Valentino rockstud patent ballet flats above are high on my wishlist! Some people feel inferior when walking in flats but you know what? Stride with confidence and no one would notise the difference! Plus you might end up having the most fun because you could actually dance in them. Flatforms which have just appeared in the limelight in recent years are great if you like the idea of staying flat but still be a couple of inches taller than usual. They are quite funky and great in adding a touch of masculinity to any outfit. Awesome for people who are into the ‘la garconne’ look.

I hope you find this post useful and if you have any outfit questions (wedding or non wedding), please post them on the comments section below. I’m not a guru of any sort but I’m happy to help!

Till next time!


Mixing Prints

If you’ve followed WLLWPROJECT long enough, you would have realised that I live, eat and breathe stripes in my little fashion world. Stripes are timeless, versatile, French (which is another word for tres chic) and are an overall life and time saver. As silly as it sounds, my motto is ‘when in doubt, throw on some stripes!’ ¬†and that worked brilliantly this time, if not everytime. Therefore if you’re sorting out your wardrobe and are keen on getting the basics right, put this pattern on your staples list! Life will never be the same again. I personally favour thinner stripes as they are softer, easier to work with and not as ‘in your face’.

I was asked by a couple of people whether the skirt was purchased on my recent trip to Bangkok and I could see why. The material resembles Thai silk in a glance and the print is somewhat oriental looking. I had its waistband altered from hips to waist. I like it more now as it’s a lot more fitted than before. I’m still thinking of more pairing ideas so if you have any, please throw them this way!





That’s all for now. I really look forward to a more substantial blog post when I get around to it. Could you please help me to call for mojo to come back?

Have a beautiful day.


Photos| Mr M


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