A Skort Story (I just couldn’t help it)

I struggled for a couple of months not knowing whether I wanted to post these photos or not.



The reason was fairly simple. I didn’t think anyone needed to see any more photos of this ZARA skort, which has pretty much spiraled out of control ever since its first appearance in blogsphere. Almost every other blogger had featured her own take(s) on it. Squeals of adoration were thrown at it and people were gasping at how lovely and life-changing the skort was (ok I exaggerated a little on this one). It had come to an extent where the sight of the skort was slightly off putting for me.

mh6The skort was initially purchased to satisfy my curiosity after seeing it on Rumi of Fashion Toast. I’ve been an ardent follower of hers for a long time and have always admired her ability to look edgy and cool in rather simple combinations. After receiving it, it just sat in my wardrobe because I didn’t know what to do with it. Hundreds of pairing examples had cropped up on the www and a lot of them was quite awesome to say the least. I felt a slight pressure to look just as good in it and wrestled with the idea of styling it.

I brought the skort with me on my recent Scandinavian trip and my first experience with it wasn’t a pleasant one. I didn’t have the ‘right’ shoes on and I ended up being completely drenched in perspiration by midday due to the warm weather and a mishap with my luggage. Absolutely nothing like the glamorous photos that you may have seen online.


mh5My second experience was documented in these pictures. Tights were worn to combat the chill in the air. It didn’t give me that ‘oh yes, best purchase ever’ kind of feeling that most people resonated with. Instead, I was unsure about it and was ready to shove it aside for a little while.

But have you heard of the phrase ‘third time lucky’? I gave it another go yesterday which by the way was the first day of spring so bare legs here they come! (I digressed) and guess what? I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it. I’ve started to appreciate its structure and cut a lot more and could actually picture myself in it a few more times in the coming months. Although I would hate to see myself raving about it (should this day ever come), I wouldn’t skim on credit where it’s due.


Ah well, personal style is a funny thing. It evolves. It goes through tension. It wears you out. It lifts you up. I believe that as long as you could find a balance amidst these emotions, you’re at a sweet spot.

Any thoughts on the skort? (I might be inviting trouble!)

Have an awesome week ahead lovelies!


Photography| Mr M

14 thoughts on “A Skort Story (I just couldn’t help it)

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your comments about this skort and the blogging world! It has been EVERYWHERE. At a blogging conference I went to there were 3 women wearing it and there were only about 100 women there. I love though that yours is cobalt as opposed to the white version and that you styled yours for fall with layers and tights (and that scarf makes me swoon!).

  2. I’m glad you posted it, I hadn’t actually seen this skort and now I wish I hadn’t because I wish I owned it. I thought it was just a mini skirt and would be too short for me but now I know it has hidden depths haha…it looks wonderful and I love your picture location too

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