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Can you believe that 2013 is going to wrap up in a matter of hours?

Boy, what a year it has been. I looked back at my previous posts and wondered how on earth did I manage to come up with 70+ personal outfit posts?! That’s mind boggling.

Taking the courage to start wllwproject is probably one of the boldest things I had done for myself this year. I was put off by the idea of blogging initially because the thought of being in front of the camera made me shiver. I mean, what if all my photos turn out to be hideous? I think that’s a pretty legitimate concern as we’re talking about a blog that revolves around aesthetics and appearances. Neither am I a model or a writer so I had all kinds of doubts regarding my ability to draw traffic to this site. However, I had also reached a point where I was yearning to test out the creative cells in me. Coming from a conservative background where success is defined by professional titles, number of degrees, and the size of your dough (give me a shoutout fellow Asians! Oops I’m stereotyping), I felt like I’ve always missed out on the fun side so it was only natural for me to want to fill in those gaps.

Looking back, I had gone through many different phases with wllwproject. I was that lunatic whose identity was defined by the number of views and likes each day; that enthusiastic new kid who spent hours commenting on other people’s posts in the hope of getting a few back in return; that frantic girlfriend who wanted to take outfit pictures every weekend for the sake of having blogging materials; the unaccomplished writer who experienced writer’s block week in week out; and last but not least that (sometimes) unmotivated blogger wannabe who wondered about the purpose of blog. Though awkward, I’m so thankful for these phases because I’ve kinda found a mid point that I’m comfortable in, after 51 weeks.  I feel a lot more settled about this blogging thing and I’ve stopped allowing myself to be pressured by ‘assumed’ expectations. After all I’m not a celebrity of any sort and there’s enough going on each day.

If you follow this blog regularly, you would have realised how fundamental Mr M is to wllwproject. Besides having to endure silly faces during photoshoots, he has taught me how to look at things from a broader angle. I (don’t) love the way he challenged my thinking by asking me difficult questions but I also appreciated the benefits of growing pains. Most of all, he’s helped me to recognised how much I could actually do through wllwproject to make a difference instead of making it a purely self-indulgent tool.

Where do I wanna see wllwproject in 2014? It would be somewhat awesome if this blog could reach a wider audience and inspire collaborations. It would also be nice if this blog could start influencing people in amazing and unexpected ways.

Last but not least, thank you family and friends for your love and encouragement! And to you lovely readers, thank you for dropping by!

See you in 2014!


ps. These are my top 5 posts of the year based on their reception:

#1 Saying Yes I Will (my favo too!)

#2 Wear the Clothes You Have (wise words from Garance Dore)

#3 Sweet Simplicity (I couldn’t resist dresses with low backs!)

#4 About (This is to satisfy the curious minds ;P)

#5 A Skort Story (The Zara skort strikes again!)

2 thoughts on “wllwproject| A Year That Was

  1. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog. I am so glad you worked up the courage to start a blog because your gorgeous and often magazine-quality images are a never-ending source of inspiration. I cannot wait to see what you come up with for 2014! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your support and sweet comment alligatortoe! I really appreciate your kind words and readers like you truly make me wanna strive harder for this blog!

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