Casual Coffee Attire

Are you a coffee lover? I think I am, a regular drinker that is but not exactly a coffee connoisseur.

My first coffee experience was at the beginning of my teenage years where I had ultra weak homemade Nescafe with tonnes of coffee-mate, sugar and ice-cubes. I really enjoyed the sickeningly sweet taste at that time and it felt like such a refreshing treat to have when my favourite TV shows were on. Eventually I outgrew that taste and turned to tea instead during uni days. Coffee at that point was a potent substance that was specially reserved for burning the midnight oil. I thought nothing more about it other than its activating properties.

So what brought about the change as time went by? I believe that I’ve simply allowed my tastebuds to adapt to the local culture that was surrounding me. Over the last few years, Sydney has experienced a cafe boom and cafe after cafe started mushrooming at each vacant corner of the streets. By cafes I meant quirky, independent, designy looking ones and not your average franchises that are known more for their ice-blended drinks. I started drinking coffee again for social reasons and that slowly evolved into a habit. Maybe it’s also a case of calming my insecurities because holding a warm takeaway cup just gives that wonderful therapeutic effect. Most importantly, I’ve also learnt to appreciate the taste of good coffees and at the same time trained my heart to not palpitate and my gut to not churn after every consumption.


Thankfully, Mr M also shares the same view on this magical drink (a much bigger view actually). As a result we often found ourselves hunting down the best cafes no matter where we were. The photos above were taken at Johan and Nystrom, a cafe that has garnered many good reviews in Stockholm early one morning. I had a very casual attire on and that was all I could muster myself to wear after spending the last few days on my feet a lot. I tend to favour this colour palette when I travel because it is foolproof imho. There’s really nothing more to elaborate on my outfit except for the high comfort level. I have to say, enjoying fika (or coffee break in Swedish) in the sun was extremely enjoyable not to mention valuable in a country where most people would experience the sun for only 6 months a year.Where are your favourite coffee joints in your country? I find myself frequenting Pablo and Rusty’s a lot for the last few months and I don’t think this routine is going to change anytime soon.

Now have you had your coffee today? Speaking of which, where is my LARGE skinny latte?


Photography| Mr M

ps. We did a rather different but fun shoot yesterday and I’m looking forward to share it with you soon. Hopefully in the next few days.


9 thoughts on “Casual Coffee Attire

  1. Greets from another fika and coffee lover 🙂 I only allow myself one cup a day, so it has to be perfect! There’s a Johan & Nyström coffee shop here in Helsinki as well, but I haven’t had time to visit it yet (there are too many great places just around the corner from where I live).

    PS. Have a great time in Stockholm, it’s one of my favourite cities!

    • I did have the most amazing time over there! thank you 🙂 I enjoyed La Torrefazione in Helsinki too! Go and check that out if you haven’t already done so!

      • Nice and what a coincidence! Torre is actually one of my favourite cafés in Hki. It’s located really close to where I work so I eat lunch there quite often, always with a cappuccino for dessert. 😛

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