It’s The Season of Layering and Tea Sipping

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I simply adore Autumn for its vibrancy. Trees that are embellished with different shades of reds and yellows make me happy. This is perhaps what people called the ‘simple pleasures in life’, and I could not agree more.

Since we had some free time in hands, Mr M and I decided to do a mini escape to a town called Bowral in the Southern Highlands for some fresh country air and high tea. We haven’t done many day trips before so this one got me pretty excited.   It was such a treat to be able to admire views of  beautifully manicured gardens and a well tended vineyard while enjoying luscious delights at our own pace. I felt completely relaxed for the first time in a long time, and the feeling’s amazing. I have the tendency to overwhelm myself with things to do on a daily basis and this is pretty much a wake up call that slowing down and relaxing are OK. In fact down times are completely essential in a modern society that’s overdosed with stimuli and unwanted distractions.

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Those Levi’s are ancient! They are my very first pair of skinny jeans 10 years ago and I’m glad they still fit! Actually they are much looser now compared to those fat (and pimple-filled) uni days. I remember putting the blame (which I genuinely believed) on the laundry dryer when they fitted more snugly than anticipated and boy was I blind. I’m a denim girl through and through and since the cold is fast approaching, I would probably like to invest in some good quality jeans that would last me a long time. Any suggestions on brands and cuts? I would love to hear you thoughts and experiences!

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In a number of these photos, the sun shone directly on my back and I love how that’s created visible silhouettes.

I played very subtly with prints by pairing checks and snake print together and I was pleasantly surprised by the end results. I don’t have that many printed options to experiment with in my wardrobe but this is a nice encouragement for me to continue buying (what an excuse) and trying. Oh have I mentioned how I love elbow patches and their humble origins?

Happy Thursday!


Photography| Mr M


6 thoughts on “It’s The Season of Layering and Tea Sipping

  1. I love autumn – from the way nature changes to the infinite layering opportunities 🙂 as for jeans, I recommend Uniqlo – I just got some pants from them and have been wearing them continuously since, they fit so nicely!

    • Hi, thank you so much for your suggestion! I love uniqlo for their basics but I haven’t tried on any of their jeans before. Unfortunately this brand is not available in Australia but I will definitely give it ago when I go back to Asia!

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