Nerd time

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I had the opportunity to revisit Mr M’s nerdy days at his former school, the University of Cape Town (UCT) and was instantly blown away by the grandeur of the upper campus.  The architecture of Jameson Hall (JH) had very much reminded me of the Parthenon in Greece, which I was very fortunate to have witnessed with my own eyes more than a decade ago. I mean, how magnificent is that backdrop? Having lunch at those ‘Jammie Steps’ must be pretty awesome!

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Outside the maths building where Mr M was once at crunching impossible numbers. While we were in there, we were nosy enough to poke through some test papers and some of the marks reminded me of what was once my own nightmare! Let’s just put it this way, I’m glad that Mr M is well and able to fill in my mathematical inability.

I like how the creepers made many of the buildings look so green and lush. It would be a different story when winter comes though, especially when the skies are grey and the vines are bare.

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The outfit I wore that day wasn’t a fancy one but it ticked all the elements of comfort. I love everything with horizontal stripes and don’t think I could get enough of it! Stripes always make me think of the french and how chic those french women look! I would definitely love to  wander around in France one day, sipping coffee and people watching. I like how the scoop back added a touch of femininity to a simple top by highlighting the most flattering part of the back.

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These jeans are some of the most expensive jeans I owned to date, aside from my Bettina Liano Ace which had retired from the scene for a number of years now. I got them from nudie jeans and they are so comfortable to wear. Best of all, they still fit as snug as before every time I wore them without washing in between, unlike the many pairs that I have which seemed to stretch out more than I like them to. I also had on a cherry amber ring that my mama got for me from Denmark a couple of years back. One could probably tell that it’s my absolute favourite chunky ring to wear by the number of scratches on it!

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The last pair of Vans I had was back in the 90s when the skater girl look was THE look to go for. I first spotted a pair of  ultra chunky Vans on my brother and subsequently begged my mom to get me a pair too. I vaguely remembered pairing those bulky shoes with dresses and I must have looked ridiculous back then! I knew I would be walking a lot in CT so my initial thought was to get a pair of Toms because they are cute, relatively affordable and they support a good cause. However, I changed my mind once I slipped my feet into them as their soles looked a tad too flimsy and I knew instantly that they are not made for long walks. These Van lo-pro on the other hand stood out to me a lot more as they were so comfortable to wear and I could almost hear them calling out for me to rekindle that relationship that I once had with them. I haven’t looked back since!

As we walked into the student union to check out the facilities, I saw an Asian lady sitting on the couch working on her laptop. I almost wanted to whip out my phone to photograph that moment because she was my first Asian sighting in 2 whole days! You see, I was quite Asian deprived.

I’m hoping to post something fun that isn’t travel related next week so do check back if you like to find out more!

Meanwhile, xx

Photography by Mr M


6 thoughts on “Nerd time

  1. Hi Irene, oops i’m so sorry to hear that!
    Firstly, thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me 🙂
    I too am a newbie in the blogsphere and my blog is not even a month old yet! I don’t think I have much advice to offer you at this stage but I can tell you that I do put in a lot of effort into each post that I wrote. Although I read loads of other blogs and like some of the styles that successful bloggers have, ultimately you have to be yourself and not be someone else 🙂 One other thing that I realised is that a lot of patience is needed. Great bloggers have spent years perfecting their art so I’m also expecting a similar amount of time for my blog to be at where I want it to be! Lastly, just have fun I guess 🙂
    Hope that helps!

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